Best 6 SEO Content Optimization Tools in 2021 for Gain Authority

Content is the king of any site and content writing is an art. SEO Content optimization tools ensure that your art has taken the form of art correctly or not.

Raj Tech always brings something for you. It has always been our endeavor to get rid of all your problems easily.

There is no matter what content you want to create or use. The only matter is the style of writing and the way of present the contents.

There are too many tools in the market and they give you a guarantee the tool automatically optimizes your content.

This is possible?

Stay with me to know the answer and facts.

Content is a main and important part of your site. You will get many SEO content optimization tools and but they do not work properly. So after much research and hard work, Raj Tech has found six of the best SEO content optimization tools for you. According to your choice, you can choose the tool that you like.

SEO Content Optimization Tools will help you these things:

  • Find the content problems: You can check your site and find the problems which are preventing you from ranking in search engines.
    Some specials recommendations for you.
  • Get high traffic: you can increase your site traffic when you change the content quality.
  • Before writing the next article: learn how to write quality content then write the next article.

Best Six SEO Content Optimization Tools

  1. SurferSEO
  2. Yoast SEO
  3. Hemingway Editor
  4. Grammarly
  5. Frase
  6. Clearscope


This tool is amazing. That analyzes your content and tells you the issues. This also analyzes the targeted keyword and recommends the on-page SEO changes.

This tool does work for ON-PAGE SEO optimization. Compare this tool to other tools, the other tool do a lot of other stuff.

The tool is unique and different positions. They always taking feedback from the public or users. After taking feedback, they continuously improve their services, algorithm, and much more things. To give you the best optimization suggestion & results.

The tool also makes your site loading speed better than your relevant or competitors’ sites. If you think ‘How does this work and how is it possible?’, then I tell you. It fully scans your site and compares it to another competitor’s site. After that, the tool gives you suggestions, issues, and resolve of your site loading speed.

In my research work, I came to know how this tool works. This tool will ask you to use the Assets Cleanup plugin on your site and with the help of this plugin, the loading speed of your site will be greatly improved.

This tool has helped me a lot and has also greatly improved the loading speed of my site. At the end of the post, I will share with you the loading speed of my site. So that you will know how good its response is.

Tool Price: Start at $59/month (INR 4,450) and 7 days trial at $1 (INR 74)

Yoast SEO

If you are using WordPress CMS for your site. Then chances are high that you are using Yoast SEO Plugin. This tool is very popular and everyone to recommend you to use. It is first focused on ON-PAGE SEO or ON-SITE SEO.

The tool also performs social media optimization for you. That is very good for your site’s social activity. It means you have an option to create or change the unique title, description, and image for social site sharing. This is a good and best way to create social media platforms popularity.

This tool gives an offer to you to create or change the meta tags on every page and post. It means you can change the meta title, description, and image. You also see the SEO score of your posts, articles, and pages. You can manage your readability score. It means changes to increase the readability of your post.

Price: Free and premium version starts from $89 (INR 6,700) for a single site (you can change the plan and number of the site according to you).

Click here to read the full information on YOAST SEO PLUGINS.

Hemingway Editor

Any list of content optimization incomplete without this tool. It is a very popular tool. The tool is the best tool for you.

It is an online notepad or text editor where users get to chance to correct the text. The tool finds and resolves these things:

  • Proof-reading to complex words
  • Hard to reads sentences
  • Passive voice
  • Readability
  • Words Count
  • Adverbs
  • And Much More

The tool gives you a readability grade which reflects the level of understanding of users’ posts. This means that what kind of people will be able to read the article you have written. And you can also improve your text.

You can write here or copy-paste your writing text here. The tool also gives desktop apps which is the paid version.

I suggest that you always aim to reduce the grade level of your post to less than 7. It will be easy for anyone to understand. By the way, the lower the grade of your text, the better it is for your site.

Price: Free and desktop App price is $19.99 (INR 1,500)


It is a very good and awesome tool. It s a very famous and demandable tool. This tool is very helpful when you are interested in writing any post. The tool scans your post and tells the correction which contains grammatical or spelling errors.

This tool is so good that I have been using it for many years.

The tool is available for all devices. Just like chrome extension, desktop app, Android, and iOS app. There are three plans (Free, Premium, and Business Plans) in this tool.

Price: Free, Premium Version starts at $11.66 (INR 880) and Business Plan starts at $12.50 (INR 950).


It is not a famous tool but it is a very good tool for you. This tool helps you to write an article on your chosen topic. Within few seconds, you will get the content and sub-topics of your content. And you can use it to cover to gain authority.

Not only this, it scans the highest search articles or top-ranking articles for you. The tool gives you suggestions on what you should be added to your post to improve the ranking factor. You can add a new article or edit an exit post in this tool.

Price: Trial Version allows to you create 5 content briefs and Paid Version starts at $39/month (INR 3,000).


This is one of the most famous SEO content optimization tools. It has also a neat interface which makes this tool very good. This has super apt for any type of team and it also offers a Google Docs add-on. This add-on makes this tool more powerful.

It helps you to find the difference between the top-ranking post of your competitor’s sites. The result of this device is very good and impressive. You must use it once.

Price: Paid Version starts at $7 (INR 525) for a report and the monthly package starts at $350/month (INR 26,250).

There is no end to SEO content optimization tools but some tools are very good for you. That we suggest to you the best tools. You can choose any tools according to choice.

There are some points for you which should keep in mind when you writing any posts:

  • First, content optimization of SEO basis
  • Second, Optimize your image
  • Third, check your post readability
  • Fourth, Page speed optimization
  • Fifth, Social media optimization
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