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Raj Tech Blog provides you with simple and easy solutions to technical problems happening in your life. Also, we offer you with blogging, vlogging, and tech news. So that you get all kinds of help running your business and daily life, it was founded in 2014 by Raj Chaubey. This is the official website of Raj Tech and beware of fraud. For more information about us must read.

Repair a MacBook battery draining in sleep mode | Raj Tech Blog

Repair Mac battery draining in sleep mode? 9 Steps to Fix it

Has it ever happened to you that you are working at night? And you are tired and feeling sleepy. You shut down your Mac overnight, thinking it will be working again when you wake up in the morning. But when you wake up in the morning and find out that your MacBook battery drained in sleep mode. I have often

Mac turn on After Update | Raj Tech Blog

After UPDATE Mac won’t turn on? Here 9 Quick fixes explained

You get a failure to Mac turn on After Update. Due to this, you become quite frustrated and unsure as to what to do next and how to start. Many such questions come to your mind. Don’t worry Raj Tech Blog is stand here to resolve your problems very easily. There can be many reasons won’t start your Mac after

First Time Controlled Fire | Raj Tech Blog

How to First Time Controlled Fire In The History Know About

Fire is an essential tool in our lives, and without it probably all our life work is unsuccessful. Control of fire can be considered the most successful invention of mankind. With its help, humans have been helped a lot in moving forward. From this, we have got lights (which means can understand electricity). In this article. you know about “How

Change Screen Resolution on your Mac | Raj Tech Blog

How to Change Screen Resolution on your Mac- Raj Tech Blog

Whether you’re an experienced or beginner/new Mac user, how to Change Screen Resolution on Mac is vital and you must know about that. To get the most out of your display, fully read our article and follow the following steps. I Raj Chaubey give you a few simple steps to Adjust Screen Resolution on Mac without getting any issues/problems. Let’s

picture-in-picture mode in mac safari | Raj Tech Blog

How to use the Picture-in-Picture mode in Mac Safari

Do you want to watch videos without affecting your work then Picture in Picture mode is the perfect tool for you. If you have only one monitor/display, then understand that this tool is a very beneficial tool for you. This tool allows you to watch your favorite videos comfortably without affecting your work. Mac comes with a Picture in Picture

Street View in Google Maps on iPhone | Raj Tech Blog

How to Use Google Maps Street View on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

If you are thinking or planning your trip but are unsure about the unfamiliar place then you will get the answer to your question in this article. You can visually locate any destination from your home with the help of Google Maps Street View. Let’s start now. I will tell you how to use Google Maps Street View on your

Schedule FaceTime Calls on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac | Raj Tech Blog

How to Schedule FaceTime Calls on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Facetime stands out as a preferred option for users of Apple when it comes to video conversations. And with the latest update, you’ll now get new features to plan video or audio calls more than ever. If you are wondering how to easily schedule FaceTime calls on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac? Or if you have any questions in your

Capcut Template New Trend

Capcut Temple New Trend: Enhance Your Videos with Capcut New Template

Content creation has become crucial to our lives in the current digital era. Whether it is for professional, business, or personal uses. Videos have emerged as one of the most potent means of communication. To cater to this growing demand, various video editing tools are launched in the market. Every company offers unique features and quality to enhance the video

How to Earn Money Online Without Investment

How To Earn Money Online Without Investment: A Step-by-Step Guide

Know how to earn money online without investment such as blogging, freelancing, online surveys, social media, and e-commerce. Discover actionable strategies for making money online without any initial financial outlay. Start your online income journey today with us! In this digital age, the internet offers various opportunities to earn money online without making any investments. The opportunities are endless. Whether

Stone Tools

Stone Tools: Witnesses to Humanity’s Early Ingenuity

Stone tools were made from a variety of rocks. These tools were the primary means for early humans to shape their environment and meet their daily needs. The Evolution of Tool Making: An Ancient Art The earliest known invention by humans was the creation of sharp flints. It was found and used in its natural state by primitive peoples. Who

ChatGPT Blocked

ChatGPT Blocked: Sorry, you have been blocked, You are unable to access auth0.openai.com

Why you cannot login your ChatGPT Account? And the answer in the below lines you will get. If you see this (ChatGPT Blocked) error “Sorry, you have been blocked, You are unable to access auth0.openai.com”. Don’t worry about that error. Basically OpenAI’s ChatGPT using Cloudflare CDN service. And it use for project their ChatGPT website from online attacks. But unfortunately,

Write Perfect SEO Meta Description

Know To Write Perfect SEO Meta Description of Your Content | Examples & Tips 2023

When it comes to technical SEO, one aspect that often gets overlooked is the meta description. And the perfect SEO Meta Description is so important While it may not directly impact your website’s ranking, it plays a crucial role in influencing the click-through rate (CTR) of your web pages. Think of the meta description as a preview snippet and an

Nokia and Apple

Nokia and Apple Extend Patent License Agreement for a New Term

Nokia announced on Friday that it has entered into a new long-term patent license agreement with Apple, replacing the expiring license set to conclude at the end of 2023. While specific terms of the agreement remain confidential, it encompasses Nokia’s innovative technologies, particularly in the areas of 5G and other advancements. Starting January 2024, Nokia anticipates recognizing revenue associated with

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Expected to Carry Lower Price Than Galaxy Fold 4

Samsung is set to unveil its much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 during the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event in South Korea, scheduled for July. The company has confirmed the event. Where it is expected to introduce its latest foldable phones. Including the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and the Galaxy Z Flip 5. Reports indicate that the design of the Galaxy

Silence Unknown Callers

WhatsApp Introduces ‘Silence Unknown Callers’ Feature for iOS and Android Users

WhatsApp is introducing a new feature aimed at safeguarding users from unwanted calls within its messaging platform. The app, owned by Meta, will offer a simple toggle setting that allows users to silence calls from spam and nuisance callers. These calls typically originate from numbers that are not saved in a user’s contact list. And the feature is designed to