.Twitter has 396.5 million active users all over the world (worldwide). Twitter is a social platform where you convert your company into a brand.

On Twitter, you can do much more than simply tweeting your thoughts as a marketer or as a creator. You can be promoting your services, do social awareness, raise your voice against crimes, and much more things. In recent times, Twitter has launched an amazing feature called “Twitter Threads”. And twitter launches many tools for users day by day.

Today we will talk about one of the many great features that have been launched. The feature we are going to talk about is called Twitter Auto-Plug.

Below we will tell you everything through some points.

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What is Twitter Auto-Plug in the Twitter Marketing?

In simple words, marketing means advertising/promoting any product, service, or event. And auto-plug works as automating the promotion of a product or service. This can be something like this:

  • Increase more Twitter followers
  • Selling your Products
  • Promoting your service or offers
  • Creating leads via email-marketing
  • And much more things

In the market, there are some automation tools for Twitter that are great for users. Twitter Auto Plug adds an auto-plug message to your viral Tweets. And it works as an advertisement only when your tweets reach a sufficient audience.

Some examples (templates) of Twitter Auto Plug

If you are always active on your Twitter, you will see something like this on your popular Twitter Thread­čžÁ.

Twitter Auto Plug

Here are some examples of Auto-Plug that will give you some inspiration and ideas to do.

Twitter Auto Plug

In this example, someone is auto-plugging in their E-Book which is good.

I am collecting more suggestions or ideas for the Auto-Plug. But for now, this suggestion or idea will help you to get started.

But maybe, now you will ask me that:

Hey Raj Chaubey,
How do I get started?

Don’t worry, the next section of this guide will help you perfectly. I will share your top tools and those tools will generate leads using Auto-Plug features.

03 Best Apps for set Twitter Auto-Plug feature

1. Tweethunter:

Tweethunter is the best Twitter automation app because it has amazing features. This tool helps you to grow your Twitter and that have lots of things that you can do:

  • Retweet your tweet
  • Change your Twitter profile banner automatically
  • Auto delete Retweet if they need
  • Add auto-plug feature
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) feature for meaningful engagement
  • Send automated Twitter Direct Message
  • And much more things

There are so many features on Twitter. But we focused only auto plug feature.


Here, is how to use this feature:
  • Go to Tweethunter and log in through your Twitter account
  • You can compose for writing your Tweet or you can also schedule to tweeting
  • Go to advanced settings and set the auto plug feature for the tweet
  • According to your needs, you can customize your setting
  • Once you set your setting then click “Tweet” or “Schedule”

A good thing about the Tweethunter is, you can save your setting as templates and reuse them at any time. This has you save time and sped up the process.


2. Hypefury:

This is another amazing automation tool and many users love this tool. This tool has amazing features such as:

  • Quickly turn blog posts into Twitter threads
  • Automatically retweets your best tweets
  • Create remarketing campaigns
  • Automatically send a Direct Message to someone when they engage with your tweet
  • Give full access to ghostwriters
  • Turns your tweets into an optimized image

In Hypefury, using the auto-plug feature is very simple. You just need to create a tweet and customize your setting according to your choice.


This has the ability to tweets turn into Instagram posts. So you can also choose this tool.


3. Typefully:

If you write Twitter threads every time, then Typeful will be very helpful for you. This app has amazing feature an amazing feature that converts any twitter thread into a blog post very easily. My opinion is that it’s really great app for you if you writing twitter threads.


Typefully auto-plug feature is a premium app and it starts at $8/month (INR 649/month). And it allows you to manage only one account.



In the market, there are few tools or apps available for auto-plug features. But, I am sure these tools are great for working. You can choose any app for the Auto-plug feature.

Remember 05 things about Twitter’s auto-plug feature:

  • Do not become aggressive with the app marketing technique.
  • Use Twitter Threads to add the plug.
  • Make sure the plug relates to your tweet.
  • For getting top-performing tweets, always add them manually.
  • It is better to create a plug when tweets reached certain likes.

So, please keep this in your mind and get better results from your plug. If you want any help, question, tips, suggestion, and ideas then feel free to write a comment box.

If you get better results using my tips then join me @RajTechBlog and please share this post on your Twitter timeline.

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