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Hay, everyone Raj Tech will tell in his post about 21+ best SEO tips which are so easy. SEO full form is Search Engine Optimization. It is the best of the best way to boost traffic on your site and increase visibility. SEO is the main and most important part of your site. It promotes your site, business, products, etc.

It is not very easy to write all things about SEO in a single post. So, we are trying to give you some important Easy SEO tips. That will improve your site visibility and index to search engine sites.

In the post, we will tell about some points. Where you will get correct and full info about Easy SEO Tips.

Before we start to telling you the Easy SEO Tips. We will know to make your website or your current website is the correct form.

Before start to telling the 21+ Easy SEO Tips. We want to know your site is made in the right way or not. If your site is not made in the right way then we have a post where you can learn “How to make your site in the right way”. At the end of the post, you will get the link. If you want to make some changes or suggestions then you can mail me in our mail id. That is displaying in the footer. At the current time, the comment section has been closed for some time. The comment section will be appearing soon.


  1. SEO Audit
  2. Social Proof
  3. Track Keyword
  4. Use Faq
  5. Use Content Table
  6. Create high-quality links
  7. Word Limit
  8. Avoid Flash
  9. Interlinking
  10. Strong Quality Backlinks.
  11. Add Knowledge Graph
  12. Try LSI Keyword
  13. Try Structural Mark-ups
  14. Add Alt-Tags in Images
  15. Add Meta Title
  16. Use Meta Description
  17. Make Social Profiles
  18. Use Schema
  19. Keyword Research
  20. Compress CSS & JavaScript files
  21. Compress your Images Size
  22. Highlight Important Words

1. First, run your Site SEO Audit

If you want to know your site SEO is good or not then you need to run an SEO audit. In the market, there are many sites that have features to check SEO audit. In an SEO audit, you will know your site error then you need to resolve them.

These types of tools are very simple to use. This tool gives you generated a report and that report has the errors list. When you get the report then you need to fix the errors without getting any errors. You can fix the errors yourself otherwise you can hire someone.

2. Social Proofing

If you have health services then you will need to add social proof to your site homepage. Like YMYL (Your Money Your Life).

3. Track your Keyword Ranking

This is one of the easiest and best ways to increase your site SEO. When you track your site keyword ranking you will get which keyword you use most. And after that, you need to write more articles using high-rank keywords.

If you can not doing yourself then there are many tools in the market. But these tools are chargeable. You need to pay for this works.

4. Use FAQ on your Site

You need to write some FAQs on your site or you must use the FAQ schema in your site. Because this the new and best way to get rank in search engines. You can easily target long-tail keywords on your site without adding posts.

5. Using the Content Table

There are very small Easy SEO Tips that help in content to get more CTR (Click Through Rate). If you use the table on your site then you can create the best navigation for users. In simple words, it little helps on earnings factors. But it works on your site earning.

6. Create high-quality links on your Site

Don’t be scare to create outbound links on your site. Outbound links mean the type of links where references to another site or the links go to another site.

7. Word Limit Strategies

It is the most important factor of your site. You cannot grow without it. It helps you to get and improve the ranking of your site. It can be shown on the first page of google searches. So, make a strategy for your post. Like we create any post not less than 1000 words. That means my word limit strategies is that min. 1000 words of the post.

8. No use Flash on your Site

Many search engines say to ignore them or avoid using the flash. Because it is difficult to crawl the flash files. So, you can use images, GIFs, and others for displaying your ads.

9. Interlinking on your Site

Interlinks mean you can add links of your another post on your current post. That means also the users interested to read to your another post then easily go to another. Or other words, you can force your readers to go for your post.

10. Make Good Quality Backlinks.

Its means your full focus should create strong backlinks. Strong or good-quality backlinks are much better than the backlink. It gives you traffic, improves your site ranking, and much more.

11. Add Knowledge Graph on your post

12. Use LSI Keyword on your Site

Ignore focusing on keyword density. Try to use the LSI keywords. LSI full form Latent Semantic Indexing. LSI keywords are like the target keyword. For more details, you can search in the search bar.

13. Use Structural Mark-ups

Always use structural mark-ups on your post. Like sub-headings (h2, h3, h4, h5, and h6), bullets, and bold. It gives the user a better experience.

14. Use Alt Tags in your Images

It’s better for SEO strategies. You can always use this and create a tree for getting traffic on your site.

15. Use Meta Title

Always use meta title and the good length of meta title is 50-60 characters.

16. Add Meta Description

This also always use on your post and the good length of meta description is 140 characters.

17. Create Social Profiles

If you want to highlight your content and site then you need to promote them. Social media is the best way or platform to promote the content. So, create profiles on all social media sites and share your content. It creates backlinks and these backlinks called juicy backlinks. It is very simple to create backlinks and promoting the content of your site. You should add your site URL in your description in your ‘about section’ of all social media profiles. It is also very important in Easy SEO Tips.

18. Use Schema

Use schema on your site. It is very important for search engines. So, add to your site.

19. Keyword Research

Keyword research is a single SEO strategy where you can boost your site in search engines. This works for organic search or you can say it will increase your organic search in search engines. So, you must create any content using a keyword research strategy.

20. Compress your CSS & JavaScript files

This one is also an important part of your site. Everyone does recommend to your compressor reduce your CSS & JavaScript files. Low CSS & JavaScript files are good for your site speed.

21. Low Size Images

Low-size images are very good for the site and contents. It improves your site or contents speed (mean fast loading). This means that your user will not have to wait long for your content or site to open. This means that your users can spend more time on your site. In WordPress, there are many free and paid plugins that compress your images. It is one of the most important in Easy SEO Tips.

22. Highlight Important Words

Use bold and italics to highlight any important words on your content. It will attract users to focus to read important words. It also improves your content look.

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