Quick Start SEO Guide

Today we will tell you the Quick Start SEO Guide in 7 days with detailing.

For you, it is the first day of your SEO. And you will have full information about SEO basics after 7 days.

If you do any web marketing then you know that businesses, website owners, and bloggers ask you for SEO advice. Answering this question is very difficult because it is hard to explain beginners to where they will start SEO.

For example, what you will tell the small business owners who want to know or learn about SEO but they do not have much time (one year or two years)?

But we have the best answer to give, please read our Beginner’s SEO Guide for beginners.

The beginner’s guide for SEO has given the best result for beginners. And together people also learned about SEO practice. SEO practice plays a good role in increasing the visibility of your website in search engines.

Many busy business owners do not have time and they want as soon as possible SEO result. This is so difficult but we have a way to fast SEO results for your business.

Please read the full article and keep in touch with us.

Before we start telling about the SEO Guide, let me clear that SEO is a big thing you must do regularly.

How to improve the time it takes SEO work?

When you start working in an SEO company, then it becomes a bit difficult for you to learn SEO.

Many people want to learn SEO but not for SEO. But they learn SEO because they can give a good traffic source to their website. And can give a good position in the search engine.

For example, the primary purpose of learning my SEO was that I could bring good organic traffic to my website. And get a good rank in search engines. For this, I did a lot in SEO. And I got better results than expected.

In simple words, people do SEO because they can get the best result for their products or service.

And they want results as soon as possible, which is difficult but not impossible.

“How to take time SEO give results and how long does it take SEO to work?”. It is a very common question everyone asks. But the truth is, it depends on their activities and how strong and impactful. Also depends on which technique is used to do SEO & how many days have been done.

Below you will see, how different SEO activities can impact Google traffic in various timeframes:

Fastest (Time: days to weeks): Work- Indexability, title tags, search appearance

Medium (Time: weeks to months): Work- Keyword targeting, content creation

Slowly (Time: months): Work- Link building, site architecture, guest posting, forum posting

If you want successful and long time SEO results then you do SEO at regular times.

Getting fast SEO results (Quick Start SEO Guide)

We have created the Quick SEO Start Guide to solve these challenges.

Most of the people who read the Beginner’s SEO Guide are new. And new people find it very difficult to understand the Beginner’s SEO Guide.

So, we created this post for you and divided it into seven days. Where you see everything for the best SEO results. Such as SEO health checks of your site or blog, Optimizing for search appearance, Targeting specific keywords for your site, & much more things. These methods are powerful and usable for every blogger or site owner. We also created Quick SEO Start Guide Cheat Sheet which helps you to start the best SEO.

How to use & how to work:

Each day what is your task?-

You can start like this. Daily you have a task and you have to finish it in an hour or two. Professionals spend 4 to 6 hours daily but you are beginners so spend 1 to 2 hours only. When you become a professional, you must spend more time on SEO. Because you are starting at zero, it’s to time to invest more time doing some things.

You need to pay a lot of attention to learning SEO if you want success in the future.


Day 1: Collect Your SEO Data

SEO’s known as Search Engine Optimization. That means SEO work for Search Engines. For the best and right, SEO results work with the right data. So, you make sure you have the correct data. Please use google analytics or another analytics to collect your site’s SEO data. Also prepare your site’s Meta Title, & Meta Description.

Quick Start SEO Guide

Day 2: See Your Website Is Indexed or Not?

Now the second day, you will check your website health. Because when you check site health then you will see issues. And you have to resolve all issues. Good website health gives excellent Search Engine Results. There are some website health checker sites are:

Day 3: Targeting Specific Keywords

The third day is the time when you will see the magic. SEO gives all information about your website to search engines. In SEO, target keywords are a very important role. Target keywords also important role in Search Engines Ranks.

Quick Start SEO Guide

Day 4: Optimizing Your Website Search Appearance

At this time, you have to examine your website and how it will look in search engines. And do users want to click on your search engine search result? Have you taken the advantage of the serval appearance options in search engines? If your answer is NO then you must do that because this increases your website visibility in search engines. Increasing website visibility also increases your website rank, DA, &, etc.

Day 5: Create Good Content

Always SEO depends on your content or you say that SEO’s main source is content. Everyone knows is “CONTENT IS THE KING OF ANY WEBSITE OR BLOG”. So, if you create any page or post then you need to concentrate. What keywords, do you use, related images, internal or external links, and much more? If you want your page or post-ON-PAGE OPTIMIZATION to be perfect. You cover all these things, such as where you put headings (H2, H3, H4 & H5), images, and target keywords.

Day 6: Site Architecture And Internal links

Now, you want to explore some things where users can easily navigate your site and users find what they want. Internal links and site structure creates a tree where your site is more friendly for the users and customers. And you always win your goals.

Day 7: Get The High Traffic Through Link Building

You won’t complete the link-building in a single day. But we are sure you can start today. Promoting your website and getting links from other’s websites, is very good for SEO. Doing link building is the challenging part of SEO. Deeply know about how to do link building for our site”. Read this post and get full knowledge about link building.

Hopefully, you learned something from this post and get some ideas about SEO. It is the basic thing in SEO. You must do this thing.

Best of luck with the SEO!

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