Blogging is the best way to discuss any topic through the articles. Basically, blogging is a website where bloggers can write their own articles. The articles based on their interesting topics. But some users write articles on many topics on one website.

It is also an online business where blogger attracts people to come to the blog and read the articles. When people reading articles then bloggers earn money through their ads. Ads can be of any type and it is not set which ad the blogger will use.

Blogging is the best way to show your writing skills. It is not a website it is a place where people prove their writing skills. Everyone wants to write an article but it’s not easy. It is professional work and users must know how to write an article in the right way.

In the market, there are many different types of blogging available. We will tell you short information about each type.

The types of blogging are:

1. News Portal/Website:

News Portal

It is known from the name of the news portal that it is a news-based website. News Portal keeps breaking news, regular news, political news, stories, and much more news.

2. Review Website:


This type of website keeps reviews of any products, movies, shows, services, and much more. But this type of website keeps only reviews, not other things. Just like they do not keep any official information and they review based on his experience.

3. Learning Portal:

Learning Portal

Learning portal provides people knowledgeable staff and content. This is fully based on education and this site contains a study article. Like as books, small experiments, solutions (maths, physics &, etc) questions and answers, and etc. This website is very helpful for students. And students are very interested to read this type of website.

4. Informative Portal:


This portal gives us information about any products, services, and things. This portal is very helpful for the public.

5. Recipe Website:

recipe website

This website contains recipes for foods. On the website, people get cooking tips, videos, articles, and much more things.

6. Tourism Portal:


This portal fully based on tourism and here you will get the articles, videos, reviews of any place. There are you will get the best tour tips of any specific place. You will get reviews of any specific places where you plan to roam. So, this portal is the best option for every people who love to roam new places.

7. Scientific Research Portal:


Scientific Research Portal is a unique blogger. Because this portal has experiment posts which are good for students who research to any things.


Every blogging is the best for its own categories. And the people are liking so much. Blogging is a website that is fully based on writing articles (posts). If your writing skills are very good and you want to write something, then you should go to the blogging platform. Blogging and Vlogging are two different things it is not the same. We will discuss Vlogging in my next post. You must read about “what is vlogging and what its benefits“.

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