Are you looking to change a WordPress site to a new domain or hosting? Here we are with many WordPress Migration plugins that make your work easier. These migration plugins can save a lot of time and work. There are three types of migration plugins are available in the market. You do not need to manually migrate your site files. You can use migration plugins. Please have a look.

The first type, this plugin is to create one or two files of backup of your site. After that, you can download that file and upload it to the new server.

The second type, this plugin is to create the online backup file. But it does not need to download. This plugin also restores from online where the backup is created without any problem.

The third type, this migration plugin allows entering the new server details to move your site all data. This plugin use for large sites because it is problem to download and upload files. These make work very easy and comfortable for site developers.

In this post, I will share with you the top best five WordPress migration plugins. They are free plugins to use but when you go for advanced progress then some features are paid.

Now we are discussing few things, which should be kept in mind while you go for the migration plugin, you should know how much is your site size. If your site is less than 500 MB then you will get so many plugins to use. But your site is large then you will need to find the best migration plugins which work smoothly.

Here, we will tell you the best things which are good for your site and will be helping to move the new server. Now, let’s have a look.

The top Five Best WordPress Migration Plugin of 2021 are:

1. All-in-One WP Migration

all in one wp migration- WordPress Migration Plugin

All-in-One WP Migration is the best and most famous plugin in the WordPress CMS (Content Management System). It is easy to use and users have been download over 3+ million times and it has also 51+ languages support. It can also be used for migration, backup, cloning, and much more.

It converts your site into a single file. You will get many options to migrate your site. If you want to download your site to your local computer storage then you do not need to pay it is totally free of cost. But if you want to use an online migration service then you will need to purchase the integrations. There are Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3 and much more services are available in the All-in-One WP Migration integrations.

There is an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) service is also available. In FTP, users can be moved directly to the new server without any problems. FTP best service option for users but it depends on internet download and upload speeds.

If you want to export your existing site then you need to do to create a fresh install WordPress at your new server. After that, you will install the plugin on your new server. Now, your new server website is ready to import your existing site. This migration plugin is ready to migrate everything from your site.

In this plugin, you do not need to change anything. It works automatically changes everything that you need. It changes your new site as an existing site.

What option this tool have?

All-in-One WP Migration in is free available for users. In the free version, users get an option to download the backup on the existing site. Users get an option to upload a backup file to the new server to restore the entire site. Your site size is medium or small (less than 500MB) then this is the best for you. But if your site is large (more than 500MB) then you will need other plugins. Because this may be failed while uploading the backup file. So, this is not good for a large type of site.

A premium add-on is an option where users get extra features on the plugin. These features are very good and reliable for users. It does not take too much time compared to the option of uploading and downloading. It allows you to use Google Drive, Amazon S3, and much more. For example, if you using Google Drive service for export and import to your site. Then you do not need to upload or download any file. It allows you to directly save to a cloud drive where you import and export the file any time or anywhere.

These premium add-on international prices from $29 to $99. In India, the price from Rs 2,500 to Rs 10,000. It also depends on the storage location that users want to use.

2. Updraftplus

UpdraftPlus- WordPress Migration Plugin

Updraftplus is one of the famous free Migration Plugins. The free version is the best to create a backup of your present site. In the free version, users can only create and download backup files of the site. If the users want to move the present site to a new site location then they will need the paid version of Updraftplus.

It working process is very easy. First, you need to create the “backup file” of your existing sites. After that, you will download or save it to the cloud server, it is your choice. Now, you can use a backup file to restore your existing site. Either you can use a local file or a cloud file to restore the site, again it depends on your choice. Paid features help to extend the service for the migration process.

In other ways, it works to restore the site from the backup file. It works very easily.

In, Updraftplus is available for free. So, all user no needs to pay any cost to download the plugin for their site. If the user wants to use extra features then they need to pay or purchase the paid service. If the user wants to use extra features then they need to pay or purchase the paid service. Paid Services’ global price starts at $70 and in India, the price starts at Rs 5,200.

3. Migrate Guru

migrate guru

This is also one of the free tools for migration that are available on In this tool, the working team is the same as the famous MalCare Security and BlogVault Backup plugin.

It is unique for WordPress migration and that makes your working load decrease. It makes the transfer of large size sites from the old server to the new server very easy.

Many other tools working for site migration are available in the market. They do export one or two files and the users have to import that file into the plugin. That type of process needs new and old servers, WordPress, and plugin installation in both servers. You do not need to do all this in Migrate Guru. You just do to install the Migrate Guru on your site and activate it. After that, you need your new server secret details (just like server IP, username, password, and port number). Enter all secret details in this tool.


This has an integrations option with many famous hosts which makes this better than others. Here, users get the FTP option which works with any server or host. That is a good option that is good for users.

Once the Migrate Guru is properly connected with your new site’s server. Then after that, it easily transfers all the files of your old site to the new location. In this process, you do not need to do anything else. During this process, you will not even need to upload any files manually. It will do all the work on its own.

This tool allows up to 200 GB of a large site. I have used this tool for both small and large sites. It works smoothly, easy to understand the option, and fast works.

Overview, if your site is large and you want to move new server. Then this is the best tool ever. It giving us flexible service options which makes our work easy.

It is free for all users who want to use this. This is the marketing or promotional tool that encourages the users to try or use the BlogVault Backup Service.

4. WP Migrate DB

wp migrate db

WP Migrate DB is a unique tool on our list and this is not the fully free version. In the free version, users can move only one part of the site (it may be a database, backup files, etc). But if users want to move other parts also, then they have to buy the paid version.

The database is a very important and complicated file on your site. Because without the database your site will not appear live. Therefore, in this tool, you just need to press a button to transfer all the site’s data to the new site server. This device has the power to handle any issue while transferring the site.

When the user buys a premium version of this device, then all the features of this device unlock for the user. Users allow transferring all site files to the new site server without getting any problems.

It also works push or pull of your site database between different server locations. This option is amazing when you want to create a staging site and not migrate the site.

Overall, this tool is good for users and users can get full support from the plugin developer. Because this tool is made by WordPress Developers.

Free versions are basic or trial version for users at Remember one thing in your mind, the free version is working for only site database transfer. if you want the full features of these tools you must buy the paid version. WP Migrate DP Pro starts from just $49 and Indian Currency the tools price starts from Rs 3,700.

5. Duplicator


This tool is also one most famous migration tools which are available on’s official site.

Its features are similar to the All-in-One WP Migration. Users first need to install the tool to the exiting site after that they run the backup wizard and export the full site backup in two files. These files are called a Package. When the process is complete, the user needs to upload the package file of their old site to the new site server. You do not need to install WordPress during this process.

Keep in mind one thing, this tool is a free version for small and medium sizes of the site. In case your site is large then you need to buy the premium version of this tool. It also gives you an offer to give the best support for large size sites.

In the Duplicator Pro, you can unlock many features. Users can export the full site to any cloud storage using the FTP service. These features are very helpful for a large type of sites.

This tool pro price at $69 and the Indian price is Rs 5,200.

Which plugin is the best for Small/Medium Size Site Migrating?

Answer: It’s my opinion if you have a small or medium-size site then you can use the All-in-One Migration plugin. All-in-One Migration paid version is the best of all users.

Which plugin is the best for Large Size Site Migrating?

Answer: Migrate Guru is the best plugin for a large type of site. It is easy to use for beginners.

If you have any trouble, question, suggestion & problems then comment in my article or mail me.

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