5 Best Backlink Checker Tools in 2021 (Free & Paid Version)

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Then you are in the right place, we give you backlink checker tools that you can use for your site. Simple, you just enter your domain URL and get backlinks to report instant.

In the last couple of years, SEO and many other things are changed but one thing not to be changed remains and that is backlink.

Before some time, site rank was a matter of the number of backlinks. But now present time (in 2021), the rank of a site is a matter of how many quality backlinks your site has without that your site not get any rank.

When Google’s Penguin Algorithm update came in 2020, many private and small blogs were dead. In the update, they wanted good quality backlinks, not low-quality backlinks.

In the post, you will get the best online backlinks checking tools by Raj Tech. Before we start to tell the fives best backlink checker, there is something which you should know.

What is a Backlink and why it be so important for sites?
Backlink means whether the link to our site is on another site or not. This is so important because without these the site does not have any value on the internet.

Why we need these tools?
Because this tool gives us reports and the reports tell how many good quality backlinks and low-quality backlinks.

What are good backlinks?
When the link of your site is placed on someone else’s site and his Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) is very good, then it is called a good backlink. Authority and page authority are always within 100.

What is the difference between good and low-quality backlinks?
Good quality backlinks have good domain authority and page authority, while low-quality backlinks always have low domain authority and page authority.

5 Best Backlink Checking Tools

  1. Ahrefs
  2. Moz Link Explorer
  3. SEMrush
  4. SEO Small Tools
  5. LinkMiner

Backlinks are divided into two ways. One is Dofollow backlinks and the second is no follow backlinks.

Whenever we think of creating backlinks to our site, the one thing that remains in our mind is that we have to create dofollow links. Whereas sometimes nofollow links also work well for your site.

Whenever our site’s backlink increases, its domain authority and page authority also increase. This increases our site’s Alexa and Moz rank.

Below you will also find some free online backlink checker tools. With the help of which you can improve your site by making a backlink check. You can use any tool as per your requirement.

5 Best Backlink Checker Tools

Ahrefs is the popular free backlink checker tool on the internet. They have a premium tool that gives you extra features. But you can choose a plan according to your choice.

In the free plan, you can see the top 100 backlinks of your site or any domain that you like. When you register an account then you can get the full analysis report of your site with the anchor text.

On this site you will get this data:

  • DoFollow and NoFollow Link
  • Anchor Text
  • Domain Rating
  • New and Old Backlinks

After the Penguin update comes, you can get a deep detail of backlinks and make correct your bad backlinks. This is very good for your site or blog.

5 Best Backlink Checker Tools

In the backlinks checker tools list, the Moz Link Explorer is the most famous and old tool. It has an option to compare two or more domains. You can compare your site domain to competitors’ domains. If you have a paid account of this site that you can get a deep analysis for your site. But if you do not want to spend money, then it is not enough that a free plan is also enough for you.

We have pointed the best, fastest, trusted, and good backlink checker tools for you. You should try this tools because it is best for your site.

The next tool is very popular in the internet world.

SEMrush is very popular for its features. They always adding new features for making the best tool. And it can become a highly robust SEO suite.

Before I tell you any discussion, let me tell you SEMrush is the complete SEO tool or Complete Suite for SEO. You always need this type of tool for your site or blog.

SEMrush always update their database for making better SEO tools. From regular updates, you can get an accurate backlinks report of your site.

Here you can see the latest image of the main page.

5 Best Backlink Checker Tools

Note you can analyze location-based, keyword searching, and much more. You can also deep analysis of any domain or competitor’s site. When you use the backlink comparison tool, you get the full report, and this report you can save or download.

Conclusion of this tool, it is the best and right tool for those people who are serious with their site work.

SEMrush gives you a free account for 30 days. You cancel your account anytime within the 14-day period and that will not be charged for this.

5 Best Backlink Checker Tools

Small Seo Tools serves you different options for checking the backlink of your site. Its service serves are:

  • Optimization Report
  • Full or Single Page Backlink Checker
  • Link Diagnosis
  • Other Features
  • Newest Backlinks of your Site

This tool allows you to check the freshest backlinks of any site or blog. These features are different and unique which makes Small Seo Tools the best tool. In this tool, you can export the 1000s freshest and newest backlinks of any site or blog in .csv format. This tool is best for free users and they don’t need to buy/purchase anything.

5 Best Backlink Checker Tools

If you like to do backlink analysis and find the related sites then this tool is best for you. Here, you see few things which can your work easy:

  • Bookmark Your Favorite Backlink
  • Deep Analysis Report
  • Link Strength
  • See The Category Based Backlink Reports
  • Analyze Backlinks With All Important Details What You Like
  • Embedded to Your Site On The Dashboard Screen

They give you the oldest and newest, both data which makes this tool unique.


If you are a beginner and you do not have any budget then you must choose Ahrefs and SEO Small Tools. But you kept collecting money to invest in your work. Because when you invest, you got the new features of any services and you get the deep details of your site which help you to make the best site. My opinion is that before starting your work you should make your budget and separate it for every work which is good for your site.

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