Which Hosting is Best for a News Portal Website

Intro of Hosting

Which Hosting is Best for a News Portal Website

Hosting is a platform where we put our website raw data or important files. These files are backend files of websites for developer use. Hosting is also known as web hosting. Web hosting is a service where any organization and individuals are allowed to keep their website, web page data. Web hosting is a small part of the server. Basically, it depends on users what type of server or web hosting he/she want to buy.

When any user wants to view or visit the website then the browser sends a request to open the website files to web hosting. There are many options available in the market. But every option has different features and quality to work. Now, we will talk about web hosting types.

1. Shared Hosting

Which Hosting is Best for a News Portal Website

It is understood by the name shared hosting that hosting is divided among people. Understand the simple words, there is a server and it has eight-part divided and then eight parts have been done again in those eight parts. That part is called shared hosting. It’s all part divided into the public, that’s why shared hosting response time slows. Sometimes, when the website gets high traffic, this hosting works very slowly. Which is very useless for the website.

Shared hosting is coming many plans and it depends on the users what he wants. People also get third-party software where the developer can operate any file.

2. Cloud Hosting

Which Hosting is Best for a News Portal Website

It’s some features that are the same as shared hosting. It has special features which give us extra look. Cloud hosting works as a cloud. The server is connected to all servers worldwide. That’s why its server exists worldwide. The strength of cloud hosting depends on the number of partners in the company. Cloud hosting is flexible hosting because it’s not breakable. When a problem occurs, the data of one server is automatically transferred to another server.

Many companies give you a good offer for buying new hosting. Much popular company gives the best service like Google Cloud Server.

3. VPS Hosting


VPS’s full form is Virtual Private Server. This server is a fast-loading server and it’s compatible with a mid-high level of the website. When any website owner gets high traffic then he goes for a VPS server. This server gets extra and new features compare to shared hosting and cloud hosting.

The features of the VPS server are:

  • Users have an option to make configurations on the server.
  • Dedicated server resources.
  • Fast loading, that means you will get a fast server response time and fast speed of uptime.
  • The price is low than any dedicated server.
  • Users maintain many websites on this server.
  • It is difficult to handle or install any software.

4. WordPress Managed Hosting

Which Hosting is Best for a News Portal Website

WordPress managed to host is only designed for WordPress. The hosting has a CDN (Content Delivery Network) feature which makes the website fast. This hosting has also WordPress compress special features. Both features make WordPress Managed Hosting different compared to other hosting plans. Users get a One-click WordPress CMS (Content Management System) or pre-installed WordPress. But the update did not work smoothly and that’s why users face many problems. Sharing resources with other WordPress, that’s why users get time users face loading problems.

5. Dedicated Hosting

Which Hosting is Best for a News Portal Website

A dedicated server is the best server for any website. It is the top above all website hosting. As we know the dedicated server is working for only one user. This means the user gets full access to his server and full control. But this server is the most expensive with added benefits features compare to all servers.

This server gives you the fastest server response time or we can say that users get the lightning speed of their website. The uptimes speed like as is the blink of an eye. You have an option to choose server configuration, software, ram, hard disk, and many more things.


If you are a beginner and you want to start a new website or blog then choose cloud hosting. Because this is the best hosting to start a new business. As the above line, you will see the feature of cloud hosting. It is Jano Banaras opinion you choose cloud hosting.

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