Hello friends, in this article we will tell you everything about WordPress. Because WordPress is the most powerful Content Management System (CMS) in the world. Jano Banaras is the largest team in the world and our work is giving service to every people without any charge. That’s why I am here to stand for you at any time.

We come to our topic now and our topic is ‘What is WordPress?’.

WordPress CMS

What is WordPress CMS

WordPress is a CMS which have design and features that are very simple. These CMS have a very simple and easy interface for people. This is totally free of cost. It is only based on PHP and MySQL databases. It has the largest platforms for themes and plugins. Plugins are very helpful for the website. Themes are very easy to create any type of website. It is very useful for creating a powerful blog or website. It is very much in demand in the market as compared to all CMS.

If you think to create any large website or e-commerce website then WordPress is the best for you. It is more easy and flexible usability web software.

It is open-source web software that gives you the power to control the backend and frontend of the website. Backend is an interface where users get access and control the whole content. The backend, as the name suggests, is a means of controlling the back of the backend website. The frontend is a way where users can design their own websites according to them. According to the frontend name, he works only in front of the website.

In the below, we will give you various types of example of WordPress CMS which we can make:

Blogging Website

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Blogging websites are made for posting. The users write an article on the website according to their interests. And sharing his own experience, photos, reviews, tutorials, and many more things. Blog websites are usually designed to display the latest content or posts to the public.

Shopping Site

What is WordPress CMS

We know shopping sites also and E-Commerce websites. This website has features where users sell their products. The website owners direct sell their goods or services online. The payment of goods or services sold is made through online payment or cash on delivery. In WordPress CMS, you have WooCommercepulgin to enable the e-commerce feature. That means the WooCommerce plugin converts simple websites to e-commerce websites.

Business Website

What is WordPress CMS

At present time, 90% of businesses come from online platforms. If you want more success or more profit then you need to come to the online platform. The business website describes business details to online customers. For example, if a person wants SEO services in Delhi, he will get all the information through the business website. On the Business website, the public gets the latest offers, important contact details, and many more things. The customer has the option to ask questions, schedule appointments, and more.

Portfolio Sites

What is WordPress CMS

Portfolio websites represent any person, artist, celebrity, and others. On the portfolio website, the public gets to know about the celebrity and see the latest activities or events photos. The portfolio website promotes any celebrity.

Forum Sites

What is WordPress CMS

The forum website allows the public to do posts according to the topic. But on the website public must be registered and logged in to do a post. Public share his advice or answer and asking a question to the other users.

This all website you can make in WordPress CMS. But no one believes all websites are built in WordPress. All the websites of WordPress working fine without any getting issues.

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