7-methods to increase Domain Authority
  1. What is Domain Authority & How to increase it?

Most site owners and bloggers have some goals:

  • Higher Rank in the Search Engines
  • High Traffic comes to the website
  • Getting the highest Domain Authority of your website

There are many methods of web metrics available but one is the most important. The most important web metric is the Domain Authority. This has grown fast when it comes to the world of SEO.

Domain Authority is also called DA. Or you can also say Domain Authority as DA.

I think you might be already heard of Domain Authority. If you have not heard then it is the right place because I will tell you everything.

Domain Authority score is not a new thing in the SEO world. But many people and bloggers are unaware of domain authority’s importance.

In the below paragraph, you will know about what is domain authority and what is important. Also, you will learn how to get them and how to increase them?

The main factor in DA is that it defines what position your website ranks in search engines.

A few years ago, a website used to get a position in the search engines only based on its page rank. But now a lot has changed and based on the page and domain authority, the position in the search engine is to get. That is why it plays a major role in the ranking of any domain.

I want to tell you about this topic because when you know it. Then you will not face any problems in creating and promoting your blog. And you’ll be headed in the right direction.

Apart from this, in this post, we will tell you 7 ways that will help in increasing the DA of your website.

Page Contents

  1. Publish Quality Content
  2. On-Page SEO
  3. Internal Linking Is Key
  4. Generate High-Quality Links For Your Blog
  5. Disavow Bad Links
  6. Let Your Domain Grow Old
  7. Increase Publishing Frequency

What is the domain authority?

Domain Authority is a metric that was created by Saas Company (Moz). This is created for the purpose of rating the website or blog on a scale of 1 to 100. For any website or blog, 1 is the worst, and 100 is the best. That means, that if any website has a high number then it has a higher ranking in all search engines.

DA measures the authority of the whole domain. And PA (means Page Authority) measures only a single page.

How to check the domain authority of our domain?

In the internet world, there are some genuine DA checkers online platforms available. Which gives you original reports of your website or blog. The first DA checker online site is Moz. Moz allows you to know you latest DA score of your domain and sub-domain address. Below the Official Link of Moz is available. If you are using Firefox or Chrome browser then the Mozbar extension is very helpful for you. Where you can see the DA and PA scores of any site very easily using the extension.

Link: https://moz.com/domain-analysis

Now the second one is Small SEO Tools. This is also a very helpful & good site for knowing DA, PA, and much more for your site or blog. So, you must use this. Below the official link is available.

Link: https://smallseotools.com/domain-authority-checker/

All sites are free and best for your site or blog. So, you must concentrate to increase your blog or website domain authority. Below you will know the top 7 methods to increase DA without any problems.

The 7 Original Methods To Increase The DA are:

1. Publish Quality Content

If you want to achieve a good DA score for your website, you must write good quality content. Good means are unique and different from the contents of the others. Try to write in easy words.

It does not matter how long you write the content. It only depends on your content’s unique, relevant, and easy words.


Remembers one thing, Content Is the King of any website or blog. If you do not concentrate on them then you do not get a good DA.

Content is attracted peoples and make your website valuable. So you cannot compromise on the content. Always use images, videos, and GIFs in your content to make it more interesting for your readers.

Good content always has a good length. So try to keep the length of words to more than 1000 words. Long articles are considered to be more informative compression than others. If you publish articles less than 500 words then your work is a waste.

Below are some points (always you should keep in mind):

  • Do not copy-paste work
  • Always use synonyms words
  • Do not discuss unnecessary things
  • Make your content professional

2. On-Page SEO of your Website

If we talk about On-Page SEO, this is another method of website optimization. And it plays a minor role to move DA from low to high on your blog.

It is related to technical factor-like post titles, keyword density, and keyword placement.

SEO Checklist

Here are some points which will help you to maintain your On-Page SEO Optimization:

  • Titles: Titles should be attractive and easy to understand for readers. Try to start with focus keywords on your titles.
  • Meta Description: Don’t leave it blank because it is very important for your blog. Try to include focus keywords in your meta description.
  • Heading Tags: Use heading tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) in your post to show highlight important points.
  • Target Keyword: Choose the best keyword related to your post topic. Try to long-tail keywords in your first paragraphs because they are easier to rank.
  • Keyword Density: Always keep the density between 0.5% to 1.5% and Avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Image Optimization: It is important to boost rank on search engines. But without image optimization, it’s so hard. It is the best way to build interest in readers to stay on your post.
  • Permalink structure: Alway use an SEO-friendly URL. And try to include your focus keyword.

One more thing, A proper SEO increases the DA of your blog.

3. Internal Linking Is Key to success

A good example of internal linking is Wikipedia which has a DA score is 100.

Internal linking decreases the bounce rate. It means your visitor’s average spent time will increase. Linking to your old posts will make your current post more attractive, captivating, and informative.


Here some points are:

  • Only include an old link that is related to your current post.
  • Minimum 4 to 6 internal links in a post.
  • Make sure all internal link is do-follow.

4. Generate High-Quality Links

It is not going to be easy. So let’s get ready to start your brain. Because it is not useless, it is profitable for your blog.

Many bloggers make mistakes at starting level. Like as making low-quality backlinks that have no value. Bloggers think why our site has a low rank on search engines and why our site rank & DA are not increasing.

We will tell you where you are wrong and your work are not good.

SEO Checklist

For example: suppose you generate links from any commenting sites. They are spam links that are not good for your sites.

Many peoples do very hard work. They do not see day and night, they just do work to get high-quality backlinks. But why do they not get 100% results for their work? They are right but sometimes they do not know the right information to get high-quality backlinks. In this condition, they lose their website ranking in search engines.

So, now the big question is which are the good ways to generate high-quality backlinks?

Follow these steps:
i: Share your content/posts on social sites:

Most social sites have high DA which is very good. Some popular social sites are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and others. You just need to share your content, if your content is too good then you will get unbelievable shares, comments & likes. And your post will go viral on social platforms.

Remember this thing:

  • The best content also needs to be promoted and shared
  • Do not look like a spammer, develop a schedule
  • Regular works and do not panic
ii:- Guest Posting:

Guest posting is one of the best ways to grow your website and increase traffic by referring. It also increases your website brand’s authority. It is the safest way and more advanced technique compared to blog commenting.

I have seen many times that guest bloggers implement the wrong methods for doing guest posting. Which is bad for the blog. Such as publishing low-quality content, link stuffing, rich anchor text stuffing, & much more things.

The time has gone when guest posting was the best source of link building. Don’t use only guest posting to increase the source of traffic, try another method also to gain traffic.

If you do guest posting in a proper & systematic way. Then it will help to strong and convenient way to increase the site’s ranking. If you want to take too much advantage of guest posting, then you should try these points:

  • Try to post articles on the high DA sites
  • Avoid link stuffing
  • Try to post only related topics
  • Use relevant links
  • Make some special contents
iii:- Content is the best link builder:

Content is the king of any site, I think you hear somewhere. So, content is the best way to link building any blog. You only need good content which is easy to read and understand.

Good content not only give benefits your site but also help another blog too.

Let’s understand by examples:

Someone has created good content and somebody found this content on your blog. After that, they think to write this content topic. When they write the contents they also mention the reference site (where they the got idea and inspiration to write).

5. Disavow Bad Links

It is a must to remove toxic and spammy regularly which are affecting your site’s position on Search Engines. More important than gaining quality links to remove bad links.

It is a must to keep your link profile spotless and clean. Bloggers do not focus to fix this which is so important. It needs to be done continuously. If you do not remove the disavow bad links then it harms your site slowly. And it removes your position on search engines.

Bad links also impact your DA directly. That’s also the reason to remove the bad links.

6. Let Your Domain Grow Old

The old domain’s age enhances your DA score and site’s ranking. If your site is more than 2 years old and active then your site gets more importance compared to newer sites. It indicates that your site is not a spam site and it publishes good quality content.

If your site is below 6 months old then you should focus publish good content continuously. If you do that then your site ranking and DA score automatically improve as time passes.

Domain age is an important role in the SEO world. It doesn’t mean that new blogger can’t get high site ranks and cannot improve site DA score. It can but it takes a long time to achieve this.

So, you have to take patience and try to book your domain for at least 5 years.

7. Increase Publishing Frequency

You need to keep your site updated and try to increase your post publishing frequency.

A common question asked by bloggers is ‘How often should I post?

You should blog regularly but it is not easy to post articles on a regular basis. But if you do, then you improve your site DA, and site ranking will be easily improved.

Most bloggers are not able to post regularly. That’s why bloggers see fluctuations in the DA of your site.

Other advantages of regular posting:

  • High Traffic
  • High Page Rank
  • High Revenue from your site
  • Having lots of quality content on the site
  • Improving your writing skills
  • Increases sales & conversions
  • Generates trust in your readers
  • Every time you will get a new post to share with your readers

I experienced the many benefits of my blog when I published posts regularly. I think you have noticed and experienced it too.

It is important to you check the DA of your site once a month. It helps you to know your blog’s strengths.

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