Before we start, we tell you some things about WordPress. WordPress most popular CMS (Content Management System) in the market. It is most famous because its feature working very smoothly and easy to understand for beginners.

Here we are stand to help you at any time without taking any cost. We give you knowledge, suggestions, solutions, and many things. In the world, most website owners use WordPress CMS.

In this post, you will get the latest 9 tips of WordPress for beginners. If you have any questions regarding WordPress then mail me (Raj Chaubey- [email protected]) without any confusion.

In the below, you will see the contents and short brief details of the contents. Our work is to tell everything that you want to know. If we miss anything then you mail me or contact us. Your feedback is very important to us. These 9 tips are essential for you, and if you can’t follow these tips you will face many problems.


1. Choose Best Hosting

Choose Best Hosting

Always use cloud web hosting. Cloud web hosting is the best hosting compare to other hosting. Cloud hosting is cheaper than a VPS server or dedicated server. This hosting is best for beginners and the website can’t stop at any cost in this hosting. Because this hosting connected to all local hosting in every country.

2. Choose Right Theme

Choose Right Theme

Choosing the right themes is very for the website. Because the theme is the face of our website. Correct themes or correct color combination attracts the customer and help to increase our business. Bad themes or irritated colors combination irritates our visitors or users. So, choose the right themes and do not use nulled or crack themes on your website. Because themes have virus code which affected your website and you will lose all data on your website. You can use free themes. If you want extra features and demos including themes then in the market, also have available premium or pro themes.

3. Use SEO Plugins

Use SEO Plugins in WordPress

SEO Plugins or tools help us to create ON-PAGE SEO. In ON-PAGE SEO, SEO plugins create meta title, meta keywords, meta description, and many things. In the market, there are too many SEO plugins. These plugins are good for websites. But I recommended only Yoast SEO plugin for you. It is my personal recommendation for you.

4. Insert Google Analytics

Insert Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you a chance to see your visitor. This tool has extra features compared to another tool which is also available free of cost in the market. Google Analytics best tool in the market to track visitor activity on the website. You can create or see the report of visitors come from which country, which page they come from, duration of reading page, which device they used for visiting our website, much more things. Google Analytics insert process is very simple. Read our post ‘How To Insert Google Analytics’ for more details.

5. Use Website Loading Improve Tools

Use Website Loading Decrease Tools

In WordPress, you have many plugins to boost your website loading speed. But some plugins do not work properly due to which beginners do not know which plugin they should use. Plugins that do not work properly cause a lot of problems on the website. Due to this, beginners have to face a lot of problems. That is why Raj Chaubey provides solutions to all types of problems in Raj Tech.

In my opinion, you should use the list of plugins below. And the list is as follows:

6. Auto Compress Your Images Size

Auto Compress Your Images Size

Image size really matters on any website. On the website, uncompress image goes to heavy size and if the image size is heavy then the website also become heavy size. Due to which it takes a long time to open the website and because of this, visitors do not come to your website at any cost. Even if people come to the website, they leave quickly.

You need to compress all images of your website. You can also use tools or plugins. There are many free plugins are available for WordPress which compress images very smoothly. Some plugins compress images automatically. And some plugins charge for extra features. But all of them work very smoothly and all plugins are good.

My recommendation goes to the Smush plugin.

7. Updated Everything’s

Updated Everything's

Always keep your WordPress, themes, and plugins up to date. Because WordPress, plugins, and theme updates give you new features and support. So that your website runs very smoothly and well. Visitors are also happy with the website running smoothly on the website. You can update 2 ways. Always check first and then update it manually and the second is automatic. Automatically, you have to enable everyone to update so that it gets updated automatically as soon as the update comes.

8. Use Meta Tags To Every Post

Use Meta Tags To Every Post

Always use meta tags in every post. Because meta tags help improve the ranking of your website. Also, help in getting search visibility in all search engines. Which greatly helps in getting traffic to your website. This gives your website popularity as well. So that’s why you should use meta tags in every post and your website.

9. Use the Jetpack Plugin

Use the Jetpack Plugin

Jetpack plugin has many functions that help your website tremendously. In this plugin, you also get security, performance, social auto share, and other things. Jetpack usually works on 2 plans, one on the free plan and the other on the paid plan.

In the free plan, you will get fewer and limited features only. Whereas in the paid plan, you will get the opportunity to take advantage of the features according to the plan.


As Raj Tech gave you 9 best tips for WordPress above. And you should follow everyone. So that you can get ahead of your counterparts in a short time. This also increases your popularity greatly. You always appear in search engines. Last we will say that you should follow all the 9 tips.

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