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On the Internet, you will get many articles on YouTube Earnings. But in this article, you will get the answer to your every question in very simple words. In 2020, the people of India saw a lot of seriousness about making videos on YouTube.

In the whole world, there are too many users and uploaders on the youtube platform. That’s why this is one of the biggest platforms. Every year users are increasing on this platform.

Most of the videos uploaded by individuals on this platform. But some corporations offer their content via this platform as part of the YouTube partnership program. Unknown users or unregistered people cannot upload any video, but they can watch unlimited videos on this platform.

Users must be registered to upload any kind of video. Registered users can be upload unlimited videos, unlimited comments, unlimited watch videos, unlimited subscription to any channel, much more things on YouTube.

There are age-restricted on this platform and users must be 18 years old to being register.

On this platform, users can upload their music videos, short films, documentary videos, TV shows much more things. YouTube gives us the extra feature of doing a live video on our channel. That’s why YouTube is the second popular website. Below the paragraph, you will get the latest and best way to earn money on this platform.


Short Information of Youtube:



What is the Best Way To Get YouTube Earnings in 2021

Youtube is a large online video-sharing platform in the world. This is an American company and operated from San Bruno, California. This is created in February 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim which were three former PayPal employees. After some time, in November 2006 Google bought to Youtube at $1.65 billion (INR Rs 7 Thousand 230 Crore 40 Lakhs 00,000 at 2006 USD to INR value). Now in 2021, Youtube is a subsidiary of Google Company.

YouTube allows people to create videos on this platform. This company gives people a chance to earn money. Anyone can earn money by uploading videos here.

Best way to earn money on Youtube:

Above the paragraph, you came to know about YouTube and its features. As the information youtube is the best platform to earn money. In this paragraph, we will discuss and tell you how you can make a lot of money on this platform. Also, we will tell you the best way by which you will not have any trouble in earning money.

youtube earnings

If you want to make money then you should follow some rules and terms. Because without that you can’t earn money. So you must follow that rules. Many users not follow rules the rules and blaming to the company. But the real fact is that they have incomplete knowledge about earning money on this platform. Or other words they have no idea ‘how to earn money on youtube?’.

Let us now know about the best way to earn money and way are:

1st: You should use original content or record a video of your content yourself.

2nd: You must use the material that you hold the rights or license.

3rd: Upload videos at the regular time interval.

4th: Use video title as targeting keywords.

5th: Be sure to use a description for each video and this description targets your visitor. The description of your video should be made in such a way that people understand who your video is related to.

6th: Make interesting and knowledgeable videos for people. Always make trending-related videos.

7th: Edit your video with interesting and effective sound.

8th: Always use #hastags related to your content.

9th: Make sure to use a maximum of 3 #hastags in your video description.

10th: Create an attractive thumbnail that attracts people.

11th: Thumbnails should be a good color combination, effective images, and attractive words.

12th: After publishing your video then do maximum sharing of your video link (YouTube Video Link) to social sites. Without sharing your content it can’t be popular and you will not get any views in your video.

13th: Do online promotion of your video link.

If you do all these things then you will surely get a good result in your video. Also, in some time your channel will reach a good place. That is why it is very important for you to follow all the steps given above.

The best reason to choose Youtube to earn money:


best reason to choose Youtube Earnings

How to grow your audience or subscribers?:



As your YouTube viewership increases, you definitely increase your YouTube earnings.


YouTube earnings will be increased if you follow the whole post.

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