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Are you thinking to start a new news portal or news website? Then you are in the right place here you will get an answer to your question. Before we start our topic, let you know about what is the news website. A news website is a website where users or journalists share the news. The news can be of any type or it can be of any category. Through the website, readers get to read all types of news instantly. That’s why the news website is so important for the public.

Now, we talk about ‘How to start a perfect News Website’. We will talk to you about all the things and you have to do all this. Because without it the news portal will be perfect anytime and you will always have to face the problems. And now you will read below which things should be taken care of.

Starting any website you need three things and other things are optional. The three things are:


Which Hosting is Best for a News Portal Website

Hosting is the soul of any website. Because without hosting any website can’t run or live. If we talk about the news website then you need good hosting which gives you fast server response time. The news website readers want fast loading website and server response time is very important for speed. In the market, there are so many hosting providers and they have many plans for hosting. But if you have to plan to start a new news portal and you are confirming seriously. Then you will choose cloud hosting for a beginner. You know about server development then you will choose the VPS server.

My opinion is that you should choose a cloud server for any hosting provider. It is good hosting for the starting time.


Which Hosting is Best for a News Portal Website?

The domain is the heart of any website. Because without a domain you can’t access your website and the public can’t see your website. The domain allows us to see and access the website. Every website owner should choose the domain very carefully. The domain should always be related to the website’s name or title. Domains represent your website for search engines. Search engines provide the main readers for your website and we make the website for all readers. In the market, there are many domain registrars and you can select any domain registrar.


Which Hosting is Best for a News Portal Website

Website design is the main and body of any website. Most websites are produced in any CMS. And most of the websites are prepared in WordPress. WordPress is easy and comfortable for updating content. WordPress has a large number of themes, some themes to buy, and some free. You can use anyone it depends on your choice. In WordPress, media files (videos and images) are easy to upload. WordPress has many plugins and these plugins are very helpful for our website. If you are a developer then it’s good. If you are not a developer then you will pick only magazine themes in WordPress.

Here, I write posts and making a tutorial video in Hindi/English of ‘How to make a new News Website/Portal’. You can check and I have given the link below.

Article of “How to make a new News Website/Portal”.

My opinion is that you should do hire a professional website maker.

Now we talk about optional things. These things are helpful for our news portal. The lists and details are below.




SSL full form is Secure Sockets Layer. This is a certificate that secures our website from hackers or viruses. Many companies give free and some cost very low. But it is very harmful to our website. At starting time you will see it’s working fine. After some time your website getting many problems. For example, your website will start getting redirected to another website. In my opinion, you should choose a standard certificate from any good service provider.


Before starting a news website, you need to prepare a business plan. And you also have to make a good budget. Because you are going to come among them. People who put something on their news portal every second. You must have some strength to fight them. People who say that a news website will be ready for Rs 10,000, are just fooling you. Or you are becoming a fool yourself. News website preparation costs about Rs 18,000 to Rs 30,000.

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