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Are you want to make a career in blogging or do you want to start a perfect blog? If your answer is ‘YES’ then this post is right for you. And we give you the best blogging guide.

Yes, it is possible that you can do both at the same time.

Now, before starting the topic you know about your passion. Because without passion you can’t be successful and also you cannot earn money.

Raj Chaubey (Owner of Raj Tech) is helped everyone who wants to make blogging a career.

There should can many reasons to start a perfect blog. Here are some popular reasons which you can follow most:

  • Sharing your thoughts
  • Sharing your things
  • Teach the new things
  • Writing your experience with specific things
  • Travel guidance
  • Gadgets reviews
  • Cooking recipes

You can choose any topic according to your knowledge and choice. If you choose your topic then you can easily achieve your goals.

So, without wasting time, let’s learn how to start a perfect blog.

Post has some theory and practical knowledge with brief guidance.

In the post guidance, you will get all answers to your question which are very helpful for your blogging career.

Here are the steps for starting a blog (A complete blogging guide):

Note: All the things which I tell you in this post. It is not of any promotional or sponsored part. To make it easier for you to take action, I’m suggesting only those options in terms of platform and hosting which are working for everyone.

Step 1: Choose the blog topic or category

The first thing you need to find and research about your topic or category of blog. It is an important part of your blogging business.

Most people do not have any plan to start a blog. They start blogs randomly just to earn money. This is very wrong, if you are thinking or have started then you have to first understand what is blogging and how to start it.

If you choose any one subject then your chances of getting success to become very high.

Maybe you are very expert in many subjects but it will be very difficult that you can easily be successful by covering all the topics in one blog. You have to work on only one subject first. Then you will be able to make your blog a successful blog.

Apart from this, if seen, Google, which is the world’s largest and best search engine, gives the most preference to the website (blog) which is built on one topic. For example, you can see Raj Tech, which writes only on topics related to technology.

Now, the biggest question for you is “How to find the correct topic for your blog?”.

Here are a few examples and tips that helped you to start your blog in the right direction.

First, you need to know in which your specialty. After that, you need to find the topic relevant to your specialty. It can be anything, maybe it can be related to your job. So try to think about your topic because You can talk for a long time about your selected topic.

You should always choose such subjects in which you are interested and like the most or you feel like in that topic. If you do this, then you can write much better and better on that topic than the rest.

If I follow my advice, newbies should always use pen and paper. Because it shows your mistakes and also specializes in writing. Newbies should always go through some reference websites and see how they write. So that you can write very well.

For example, if you are interested in technology, then you should go for a website with technology. Initially, you will have a lot of trouble but you will not panic, just keep on writing and after some time you will see how well you have started writing.

This is an important step before starting any blog. That is why, you cannot ignore it, and try to choose any one topic as per your interest.

Step 2: Choose Your Domain Name

It is an important part of your blog business. Without the right domain, you can not get the right traffic. So, you must choose the correct domain.

Before choosing the domain you must remember this thing. The domain must be:

  • Easy to remember
  • User-friendly URL
  • Easy to type
  • Easy to readable
  • Brandable

The domain name is the point at which people come to your blog. For example

A custom domain name is the most important and valuable thing for a blogger. A custom domain name is a paid domain and blogger given to the registrant at a fixed rate every year. For example .com prices nearby $12/Year (INR 900/Year) and all domain extensions have different prices. The registrant company gives you offers to buy the domain name at a low cost which is very good for you.

Now, we talk about some important points which are compulsory for you before buying the domain. Your domain must have easy words for anyone to use and easy to remember. But in your domain should not be any confusing words because it makes people confused and people did not come again in your blog.

Most bloggers use the .com domain extension which makes it brand-able. But this does not mean that you cannot use any other domain extension. Irrespective of the domain extension, you will have to do blog posting and blogging. It is not that you will become popular by taking .com. You must also have to do the posting and promotion work.

Step 3: Choose The Best Web Hosting

Now, we will discuss web hosting.

Web hosting is a place where the user keeps the data of their website. And users and the public access the web hosting data anywhere at any time. Web hosting works on server machines. And server machines are always ON which means servers work 24 hours without any problems.

That means your website or blog is always live. Which are very good things for you.

In the market, there are so many web hosting companies that have different plans and services for users. Some have very cheap plans but their services are not good for you. And some have high price plans but they also do not give you better services. So, you need to choose the right web hosting companies and after that, you can choose any plans according to your budget.

Most of the companies offer you free SSL, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, free domain name, and much more things.

Step 4: Select The Blogging Platform For Your Blog

The first and most important answer you should know this “Which blogging platforms do you use for blogging”.

In the market, there are so many blogging platforms available. But different people have different opinions.

Most of the users are using the WordPress platform for blogging. Because WordPress is easy to use and simple user interface.

Here is an interesting fact you must know: 40% of websites are running on WordPress.

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) where users have many options to handle the website or blogs.

Read More: What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

For blogging sites, the best Content Management System is WordPress. WordPress is also best for other types of websites. But in this post, we talking about ‘Blogging’. So, WordPress is easy to install, use, customize, optimize, and much more things you can do in this.

WordPress has two versions. One is the Pre-installed WordPress and the second is Self-hosted WordPress. The difference between both WordPress versions is:

Pre-Installed WordPress comes already installed in the web hosting and you just need to customize it. But from developing eyes, you cannot access or control some files.

Self-hosted WordPress is a setup file that you need to install manually and customize according to your choice. From developing eyes, it gives you full access to edit any file.

Step 5: Install WordPress CMS in your Blog

WordPress is easy to install and the process is simple. Before we start telling ‘How to start to install the WordPress”, you need to know what things you will need to install WordPress.

Let’s Start

First, you want a domain name. You have a domain name that’s a really good thing and if you haven’t a domain then you need to buy a domain from a domain registrant company. Like Godaddy, Bigrock, Google Domain, & much more, these are all domain registrant companies.

After that, you need good web hosting where you keep your website or blog files. It is an important part because it gives the blog speed to open. It also gives better customer satisfaction which is very good for your blog. Many hosting companies give you a good offer with a free domain and SSL. Then this is your choice of what you want to buy for your blog.

And the last, you need the WordPress CMS setup file. It is free and you did not have to pay anyone for using it. It is available on and you can download it to this link.

Click here to download the WordPress CMS.

Read the post for the full installing WordPress Process: How To Install WordPress Step by Step

Step: 6: Start Design Your Blog

One line is very famous in the world and that line is “First impression is the last impression”. The meaning of speaking this line here is that whenever we see something for the first time and if it does not look good at first. Then we prefer not to see him again.

If you got my point then easy to understand what I want to say. Blog/Site design is the most important part of the Blogging business. Because a good web design attracts the public and visitors who love your web design. Think about how your readers/visitors will remember your site.

In WordPress, there is an option called “themes”. There are so many themes available. Some of free and some the paid themes. These themes are almost ready for your site. Just you need to set up and customize the site according to your choice.

If you want to make the unique and best design you should always use premium themes for your site. Because premium themes give support, extra tools, and much more.

Premium themes give you professional looks which are very good for blogging websites.

Step 7: Install The Best Plugins In Your Site

There so many WordPress Plugins are available in the market. Maybe thousands or lakh plugins are available. Below the line, I mentioned the best plugins for your blogging.

Lists are:

  • Yoast SEO- This helps your post and sites in SEO Rankings
  • Advanced Editor Tools (previously TinyMCE Advanced)- This gives you an extra option to write the post
  • Asset CleanUp Pro: Page Speed Booster- It Boost your site
  • Classic Editor- It reverts features of your New WordPress to Old WordPress which are very easy to work with compared to the new version
  • HTTP Headers- It enables your security settings
  • LiteSpeed Cache- This makes your site faster and lightweight
  • Smush Pro- It compresses your image size
  • WPS Hide Login- This plugin hide login your login URL which means it also blocks unwanted logins

The above plugins are the best plugins and these plugins I use for many years.

Step 8: Write Your First Post Right Way

Now, this is the real work that you start. It is hard but you can make it easy. It has boring work but you can find fun.

This is the right work for you if you give knowledge or the best article to people.

Here I will present to you some of but best guidelines that help you to decide “how to write the first post in your blog”.

I will share some points which help you to write your article. Below are the points that a beginner makes most the mistakes:

  • – When you write an article, then imagine a person is sitting in front of you and you are talking to the person.
  • – Always write articles for one person as only one person can read your blog at a time. For example, my tone is “I” and “You”.
  • – Your content should cover all the topics and your content should have more than 1000 words.
  • – Do not copy any images for Google. Always use free sites where images are available to download.
  • – You can also embed your videos on YouTube.

Step 9: Share Your First Post

When you write your first post on your blog then you are real work start. And the work is to share your post on social sites.

On social sites, readers can join your community, pages, profiles, and much more. Where the readers can read your interesting post.

You just need to start without any stress. After some time, you will get the best results from your work. There are so many social platforms where you can get more readers for your blog. For example:

  • You can create a FaceBook profile or page
  • Create an Instagram profile (normal or business)
  • Create Twitter account
  • Linkedin profile, page or business profile, page
  • Pinterest normal or business
  • Reddit

Step 10: Monetize Your Blog

Without this step, you can’t run your blog for a long time. So, this step is the important part. Read carefully and understand what I want to say to you. If you have any confusion then ask me my our mail id at any time. So, feel free to ask.

There are many platforms where you can earn money but Google Adsense is a popular and easy step to earn money.

Here are some company’s names which give you the offer to earn money:

  • Google Adsense
  • Audience Network
  • Taboola
  • Amazon Affiliate Program
  • CJ Affiliate

Step 11: Increase High Traffic

You have got all the things in this post. So now you are all set to make your post live.

Now, need to understand how to increase the traffic of your blog.

There are so many techniques and ways to promote your blog. Read our post to better understand how its works.

Our Post: How To Promote Your Blog With Affectable Techniques in 2022

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