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If you are writing evergreen content on your blog or an educational site. And if you do not want to stop promoting your old posts on social sites. Then Social Media Auto Posting WordPress Plugins are the best for your blog.

Today we will talk about Social Media Auto Posting WordPress Plugins. Which makes your work very easy. This plugin automatically shares your old blog posts to social sites at the regular time.

Especially if you are alone or in an agency and you have lots of work, then these plugins are very good for you. These plugins make your social sites always active, which is very good for your brand. As an agency, this decreases your workload and you also make extra money from your clients.

Almost all plugins support popular social sites (like FaceBook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.). These plugins have free & paid both features. Free plugins have limited features and paid plugins have more features compared to free plugins.

You can schedule and reschedule to share your blog post. It is a simple step to create huge traffic to social sites in your blog.

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How to use auto-sharing for old posts:

There are many WordPress plugins available to activate old blog posts on social sites. Or it can be said that there are many plugins available in the market to revive the old posts of your blog. These plugins are very easy to configure without any difficulty.

All plugins have two versions. One is free and the second is paid version. The free version has limited features just like the plugins has supports only some social sites and a limited number of auto-sharing at a time. And the pro version has unlimited features in comparison to the free version just like you can share multiple social sites without any limitations and you can unlimited auto share on social networks.

Social Media Auto Posting WordPress Plugin Pricing:

The Plugin pricing depends on the developing company. In the market, there are so many plugins and they have various prices with attractive features. Some plugins have yearly or monthly plans and some have one-time paid services (lifetime services).

Pro version range from $10-500 (INR 800-40,000) for personal use. But for business purpose price are not fixed and they depend on your business size.

Below you will find the list of plugins with prices:

Configure to Social Media Auto Posting WordPress Plugin:

All plugins are very to easy to install and configure, even if you are a fresher.

The first step is that you will install the plugin want to use. After that, all you have to do is join your social network whichever you like. This step is needed so that the auto-poster can do its job on its own.

Once you have set your plugin then the plugin work start. Plugin auto-share posts start from your blog at a particular time. Auto-share starts as soon as the plugins are configured.

But some plugins have manual setup and you only have to configure it once. After that plugin works automatically.

Note: If you are using a woo-commerce site or blog then you should use the pro version. Because it has a lot of features.

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