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In the world, there are many website owners and YouTubers. They are in a large number and they growing very fast. All people want to make money online. But the difficulty is that website works is so hard compared to making any videos. First, we talk to the website owners, they did hard work to write any post. But sometimes he/she can’t any result. Just like AdSense approval. Adsense is the best way to earn money through websites and YouTube. But here I tell you only three steps to get Adsense approval. If you follow my instruction you get the AdSense approval.

google AdSense

What are you waiting for? and why you waiting?

Come to this post I tell you everything that you want. Here I tell you three points for AdSense approval.

3 Ways are:

1. Minimum Post

3 easy ways to get google AdSense approval in 2021

Your website must have 50 posts. Because less than the minimum post the website has nothing according to the publisher (means AdSense). So, you must write an article or post daily if you want to do something. You also write 3 or 5 posts daily but you write articles or posts daily for making money. If you don’t do this I can’t help you. Else I what, no one can help you. So, get up and post regularly if you really want to do something.

2. Minimum Post Words

3 easy ways to get google AdSense approval in 2021

Your every post must contain 400 words minimum. If you write above 1000 words to every post, it’s very good for getting more importance. If you do not write 400 words minimum you can’t get AdSense approval. So, write or rewrite all articles and check it does contain 400 words minimum.

3. Good Quality Content

3 easy ways to get google AdSense approval in 2021

You must write good quality content. It means you a trending article or you make trending articles. Both are different and both have their own importance. If you choose a trending article, you must first find out what the current trending article is. Then according to that, you will have to write your article. And if you choose to create a trending article, you will be able to work very hard. Because creating trending articles is more difficult than finding trending articles. A lot of reading and research is also required to make a trending article. Only then you will be able to write the trending article.

3 easy ways to get google AdSense approval in 2021


After doing all this, you will get approval from AdSense very comfortably. So write the article, understanding our 3 points. If you any queries contact us.

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