What is YouTube, What is YouTube Channel

What is YouTube, What is YouTube Channel 

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Today we will learn What is YouTube, What is YouTube Channel And What is The Benefit Of YouTube Channel?

What is YouTube, What is YouTube Channel
What is YouTube, What is YouTube Channel 
What is YouTube?
    YouTube is a website for video sharing, it makes easy to view online streaming videos. Now YouTube is the most popular website for streaming videos. In beginning, it was not in Google service, Google bought this site in November-2006.
To view the YouTube videos no need to log in or create an account, but to upload videos must need to log in and also create a channel with your g-mail account. If you have a YouTube channel or account on Google than you also subscribe to other YouTube channel, for getting notification from their channel when they upload a video in their channel.

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What is YouTube Channel?
   Before creating a YouTube channel you have to know what is YouTube channel. YouTube is a product of Google, & it allows the users view videos, upload videos, live streaming, rate the videos, share, reports, comments, and also you can save offline the videos. Here you find lots of videos on lots of topics. YouTube is totally free, you can watch videos, you can upload videos anytime anywhere. Anyone can create YouTube channel & upload videos. If you have a talent than you can create a YouTube Channel. There have lots of viewers.

Benefit Of YouTube Channel.
  YouTube has a lot of benefits, make your talent into videos, upload videos, it's a world-class platform. Anyone in the whole world can view your talent. Visitor watching youtube videos around 7-8 billion in a month.  One more thing it's free but you can earn money from here. You can Monetize your videos which means Google play the advertisement on your videos and pay you. Before Monetize you have to flow Google Terms & Conditions.

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