Hello friends, I am here to tell you everything about the 11 Best SEO tips. If you want to know what experts do on SEO on the website then you must stay with us.

Every time fundamental principles are changing according to the search engine’s policies. But some things do not change at any cost.

11 Best SEO Tips To Increase Organic Search Traffic at 2021

I am giving you an example that is not working today. The only targeted keywords are not working a long time or it does not improve your organic traffic. But if you choose the correct keywords according to your website category he will help you to get organic traffic to your website.

There are so many SEO techniques in the internet world. Some of the techniques are called spam and some of genuine. Spam techniques work very fast but it is harmful to our websites. Genuine techniques work for a long time and it is good for the website.

As you know SEO are two types. The first is ON-PAGE SEO and the second is OFF-PAGE SEO but here we talk tips that help people who do not know deep about SEO. Let’s start our topic and get unique tips.

11 Best SEO Tips are:

1. Review your website loading speed

Review your website loading speed

It is a very important or main part of your website. Because if your website is slow then you will be lost your audience. There is very tough competition in the market in any field. In the website or blogging field, the competition is too much hard for us. If your website has not good loading speed then you are not in competition. Because even from 01 milliseconds your website may be behind other websites.  So check your website loading speed and analyze which things are slowing down your website.

Below we give you some tools for checking website loading speed.

2. Use meta keywords

Use meta keywords

Meta Keywords are beneficial for organic search traffic, and organic search is essential for our website. It helps the to website visible in all search engines. This helps to show the website properly in all search engines. Also, our website is always updated with meta keywords. Which gives us a good way to bring traffic. If you are using WordPress CMS then in the market there are so many plugins are available for meta taggings.

But my opinion is that you install Yoast SEO. Because Yoast SEO is very easy to understand and also easy to use.

3. Keep your website design nice and unique.

11 Best SEO Tips

Website design is a very important part of gaining the business. Website design attracts or irrigates customers. Because of which customers either stay on the website or they leave. Good website design always attracts customers and gain your business. And bad website design decreases your business and also lost your customers.

When someone comes to our website, they see the design and interface of our website. After that, they will decide what they do on the website.

4. Choose the best hosting provider

Which Hosting is Best for a News Portal Website? | Raj Tech

In the website or blog, choose the right hosting provider company is very important for any website owner. Because the right hosting company gives you the best services and extra features compare to the other hosting provider company. If you do not choose the right hosting provider then you will face many problems on your website or blog.

A good hosting provider gives you a chance to attract people to come to the website. And the search engine gives you important if your website loading is fast. Or we say in other words if your server response time is good then the search engine gives you too important compare to others.

We give you a list of best-hosting provider gives you the best services. Services like web caching, server response time, web accelerator, and many more things.

The best hosting provider list is:

  • Google Cloud (Most Recommended)
  • Bluehost
  • Hostinger

This hosting provider you do not choose at any condition. Because these are too bad for website owners and users. These hosting providers give you bad experiences and services. And the name is:

  • Bigrock
  • Godaddy
  • Hostgator

5. Choose the right CMS

Which Hosting is Best for a News Portal Website? | Raj Tech

The right Content Management System (CMS) is good for websites. The CMS gives you an easy interface and full control of the website or blog. In the market, there are many CMS for every type of website. But any CMS has special features for controlling a website. If you choose a blogging website then you must use WordPress CMS. For an e-commerce website then you will choose Magento CMS or WordPress CMS. If you want to make a simple or easy website then you must use the WordPress website. Overall WordPress is the best CMS for any kind of website.

6. Choose the best theme according to your content

Choose the best theme according to your content

Website themes are the base of your website or it is the identity of your website. If your website theme is not according to your contents then reflect your customers. If the theme of your website is not according to your content, then you may have to suffer heavy losses. It is also possible that your user may go back from your website. So choose the best and right themes according to your website content.

7. Always use H2 and H3 headings

Always use H2 and H3 headings

In the post, you must use H2 and H3 subheadings. When search engines see in your post subheadings then they will give you much importance compared to the others.

8. Use push notifications on your website

Use push notifications on your website

Push Notifications attract users to open the post. Push Notifications is the best way to stay users to the website longtime.

9. Always use the email subscribe form for people

Always use email subscribe form for people

Email Subscription is the best way to collect data from users. And automatically send notification of every post into the email.

10. Always use internal links in every post

Always use internal links in every post

Internal links are the best way to generate backlinks from one page to another page on the website. This has also helped to navigate website pages and this makes it Google much easier to index links. If you do not use the internal link, then you will not be able to compete with your competitors, and you will fall behind in the rank.

To know or see the links of your website in Google just type it “”. And want to see any relevant keyword then type it “ “keyword” “.

11. Check your website for having any broken link

Check your website for having any broken link

Always check your website for there is any broken links on your website. Because broken links decrease the rank and affected SEO.

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